Technology in Teaching Inspiration

17 janvier 2024

Each episode of Voc Talk Café features a brief « Technology in Teaching Inspiration Capsule. » In approximately two minutes, it offers a digital perspective aligned with the theme of the day. The segment is presented by Marc Vézina, a RÉCIT consultant specializing in the integration of technology in vocational training within the English school boards. Marc can be contacted through the RÉCIT VT website at

Technology Inspiration February 5, 2024
3 Tips to Improve Your Handouts
Set Up Branching Scenarios Via Online Forms
Virtual Spaces for Students to Utilize and Discuss Resources
Build a Class Website for Students Contributions
Select Collaborative Tools Depending on the Nature of the Project
Season's Greetings
Examples of Virtual Reality Learning Contexts
Offer Asynchronous Learning Material to Accommodate Students Schedule
About the Use of Technology in Education (John Hattie)
Reading Apprenticeship
Collecting Triangulation Traces with Tech
Create a Collaborative Scrapbook about Issues to Discuss
Tips for a Greener Digital Classroom
Building Lesson Material with AI

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