Health Services, January 22, 2024

23 janvier 2024

Exploring the Impact of Simulations as a Learning Tool.
In today’s Voc Talk café, we looked at simulations as a learning tool in healthcare. At LBPSB, the PACC sim lab, operating for a decade, uses both high and low-fidelity manikins in student training. Paused during the pandemic, it utilizes five standardized patients for simulation scenarios, Despite the misconception that simulation demands significant funds and technical expertise, the lab explores various types of simulation that go beyond technology. Sim teachers undergo extensive training from accredited bodies. Sessions, lasting 5-8 minutes, involve paired student work, emphasizing learning goals in practical situations. A major element of designing effective simulations is ensuring the psychological safety of the learner is taken into consideration. As well, debriefing is a critical aspect where decompression time and performance feedback is given in a way that supports the learning goal.
This meeting was on January 22, 2024. It was hosted by Robin Long, Provincial Vocational Training Education Consultant and Marc Vézina, Education Consultant, RÉCIT-Vocational Training, English School Boards.


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Welcome and Housekeeping
Today’s presentation
– What is Simulation Training?
– Types of Simulations
– Why is it an effective learning tool?
– Simulation Pedagogy
– Constructivism
– Cognitive Load
– Socio Cognitive Theory
– Simulation Standards INACSL
– Example
Topic Key Takeaways
Technology in Teaching Inspiration: Set Up Branching Scenarios Via Online Forms
Open Mic

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